Tesla is turning some parts of its service centers in China into what it calls "experience centers." According to Hybrid Cars, the California-based EV maker is bringing in kindergarten kids for field trips and teaching them about science and, of course, electric-vehicle technology. Tesla confirmed to Autoblog late Wednesday that the company brought 32 kindergarteners to its Yizhuang store in Beijing for an education session late last week.

Branding aside, even a cynic may say the green-transportation push in China makes sense, especially for children, because of the notorious air-quality problems in the country's largest cities. As Tesla continues to broaden its inventory of Supercharger stations in China, Beijing is tightening up its vehicle-fuel standards to make them the country's strictest by next year. Beijing, which doesn't even have China's dirtiest air, has pollution that is three times worse than California's Central Valley, home to the worst air quality in the US.

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk went on record to say that getting a sales foothold in China would be an uphill battle. Last year, Tesla sold a fraction of its 10,000-unit target for 2015 China sales. This year might be better, since China is expected to generate over 300,000 electric car sales this year. Tesla appeared to fare better in Hong Kong, where 80 percent of all the electric vehicle sold there last year were Tesla Model S sedans.

UPDATE: The story's been updated to include Tesla's response and picture.

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