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Tesla starts new $1,000 referral program for Model S, X

Tesla's referral program runs through July 15.

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Tesla Motors started a new $1,000 referral program yesterday. It will give EV buyers who are referred by an existing Tesla owner and said owner a cool grand worth of Tesla credit towards a new Model S or Model X, plus some other swag. The program runs through July 15. This is the third time Tesla has tried an owner-to-buyer referral program, and it has appropriately upped the ante a bit. The upcoming Model 3 is not involved here in any way.

Tesla will offer some new goodies for those who do the referring. Two vehicle referrals mean a "Moab Weekender Bag" that matches their vehicle's interior. Three referrals win a jacket. With four referrals, that person gets an invitation to the opening of Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada next month, transportation included. And five referrals means that owner gets a set of 21-inch custom Arachnid wheels. Each referral also gets the person an entry into a drawing to win a Ludicrous P90D Model X. Might want to wait to spec it to match your Moab Bag, right?

One of Tesla's previous referral programs generated a $1,200 credit towards a home-charging station and invites to the Model 3 launch. Competition was fierce. In fact, we reported earlier this year that one Tesla owner last year helped sell 188 cars, or about $16 million worth of EVs, in less than two months. That winner was slated to be given a Model S Ludicrous Edition P90D valued at about $130,000, meaning that Tesla paid less than a one-percent commission on those vehicles, and paid it in trade. Elon Musk is a smart man. Take a look at the official details on the new referral program from Tesla below.

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Referral Program

The new Tesla Referral Program begins May 30 and will run until July 15, 2016. Anyone who orders a new Model S or Model X during this period using the referral link of a Tesla owner will get a $1,000 credit towards the purchase price.

To show our appreciation, referring owners will be eligible for our Referral Program awards:

5 Qualifying Referrals
Owners who make 5 qualifying referrals will receive a set of 21" custom Arachnid wheels in black, silver or grey, including summer performance tires and installation. These exclusive forged aluminum wheels offer improved performance and are not available for purchase.

4+ Qualifying Referrals
Each owner who makes 4 or more qualifying referrals will receive an invitation for two to attend the Gigafactory opening event at the end of July, including transportation to the Gigafactory from Reno, Nevada.

3+ Qualifying Referrals
Owners who make 3 or more referrals will receive an exclusive Tesla Owners Jacket.

2+ Qualifying Referrals
Owners who makes 2 or more qualifying referrals will receive a Tesla Moab Weekender Bag that matches their car's interior.

Ludicrous P90D Model X
Each qualified referral you make gives you an additional entry into a drawing to win a Ludicrous P90D Model X.

We know that without our customers we would not be where we are today. This is our way of thanking you for your support in building the Tesla community.

Related order must be placed between May 30, 2016 and July 15, 2016 and delivered for a referral code to qualify. Pre-owned vehicles are not eligible. Limit of 5 referrals per owner.

Unless otherwise noted, owners receiving invitations to Tesla events will be responsible for the cost of their own travel, lodging and other incidentals.

Must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for awards. No entry fee, payment or purchase required for the drawing. A random drawing will be held on or around July 31, 2016 to determine the winner. The winner will be contacted thereafter. Awards are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. The winner is responsible for all taxes and local requirements and fees. Program and awards are conditional on and subject to local laws and regulations. Unfortunately, Ohio and Virginia residents are not eligible for awards.

Good Faith
We introduce programs such as these in good faith and expect the same good faith in return. Please note that we may withhold awards where we believe customers are acting in bad faith or otherwise acting contrary to the intent of this program. To be clear, commercializing or otherwise selling referral codes is not appropriate, and we will not honor such codes. We cannot cover every nefarious scenario, nor will we attempt to, but we do promise to be fair and reasonable.

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