Nissan recently delivered a trio of 370Z Nismo sports cars to the Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department. They came complete emergency lighting and a black-and-white livery, and more importantly 350 horsepower.

It's not the first time that the Fairlady Z (as the model is known domestically) has served as a police car in Japan. Skyline GT-R-powered versions of the Z432 were used in the 1970s, as was the model we knew as the 300ZX in the 1990s. But these latest additions to the Tokyo police motor pool ought to outrun them all – even if they end up used mostly for promotional purposes.

The 370Z isn't even the most performance-focused piece of kit we've seen joining police motor pools around the world, though. Police in Australia recently acquired a Lexus RC F. Italian police have Lamborghinis and Alfa Romeos at their disposal. And officials in the United Arab Emirates use even more exotic machinery.

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