We ride a 29-mph electric surfboard, no waves required | Translogic 201

Bucko rides an incredible electric surfboard in Florida.

Is the electric Radinn Wakejet a jet ski? Is it a wakeboard? Well, according to Radinn America distributor Antonio Ometto, it's a brand new sport. "It's similar to a snowboard feeling, so you're sliding on the water. That's why we called it the Wakejet Cruise," said Ometto.

In addition to being all-electric, the Wakejet is made primarily out of carbon fiber, giving it a total somewhere around 55 pounds.

This awesome electric-powered surfboard can reach up to 29 mph and has a range of approximately 15 miles. The 48-volt NMC battery is replaceable and takes two hours to charge. Ometto even makes a point to talk safety, since the prospect of an electric vehicle in the water seems shocking to some. "It's not really like that," he says. "Once the battery's not connected, it shuts off... Even if water does come in contact with the battery, it won't shock."

However, such a cool toy comes at a steep price. The Radinn Wakejet starts at $17,000, with replacement batteries running an extra $6,000.


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