All hell broke loose during last week's Monaco Historic Grand Prix after a crane dropped a vintage racecar right in the middle of a track. During a race. Then things got worse.

The track was already under a full-course yellow with a safety car when the corner workers unsuccessfully tried to hoist the already stricken McLaren M23 off the track at Mirabeau. But before they could communicate what had happened to the head marshals, the safety car was back in pit lane and the field was moving up to speed. What happened next could best be described as chaos.

In the coverage from Motors TV, you can just barely see the Renault Megane safety car rampaging through the pits trying to intercept the field of vintage F1 cars before they make the turn at Sainte Devote. It's ultimately unsuccessful, which leads to the bizarre sight of a bright yellow French hatchback trying to slice through a field of priceless cars on one of the tightest, most difficult tracks on the F1 calendar. The drivers, getting frantic communications from the pits about the danger at Mirabeau, do their best to slow down and get out of the Megane's way. An Avon slows a little too quickly and gets whacked by a lovely Tyrell. Like we said, chaos.

Check out the action up top.

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