It's been a long wait, but the Ariel Nomad – the Atom's jacked-up, mud-slinging sibling – is finally available in the US. In fact, it's manufactured in the US, too, by TMI AutoTech, who will also sell you one if you're local to its Virginia plant. If you're not nearby, there are regional distributors that'd be happy to hook you up.

The video above shows the first US-spec Nomad being run through its paces by its Northeast distributor, Ace Performance Tuning.

The Nomad, being a hand-built specialty vehicle in its most esoteric, won't be cheap. Ace Performance Tuning lists the starting price of the base Nomad (the Sport trim) at $80,000, and the higher-zoot Tactical model comes with an improved spec sheet (with goodies like Ohlins dampers and a winch-mount bumper) for $92,250.

Both are powered by Honda 2.4-liter K24 inline-fours making 230 hp, mounted amidships and running through a close-ratio six-speed manual. The Nomads are rear-drive only, so it's more Baja 1000 buggy than rock-crawler. Still, the Nomad weighs just 1,430 lbs in US-spec – that's likely a dry weight, but even with the weight of fluids and passengers this off-roader treads lightly and has a ton of power.

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