Office life is pretty much the same everywhere – even when you work for a glamorous car TV show. The latest Top Gear trailer shows Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc idly chatting over cubicle walls while they search car listings. Evans is on the phone trying to set up a meeting to see a car, while Matt LeBlanc is flipping through his phone.

"It's like car tinder," LeBlanc muses. Then the clip cuts to hot cars, including a Ferrari, Ford Mustang, and an Aston Martin that will appear in the upcoming season. Steamy yet cheesy music plays in the background.

Apparently, LeBlanc gets to one he likes and wonders aloud, "How far is Glasgow?"

"Not that far," Evan replies, not looking up from his monitor.

Then the clip cuts to a Ferrari screaming away. Just a normal day at the office.

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