Gas station attendant smashes customer's taillights

A California woman filmed a strange altercation at a California gas station when an employee smashed out the taillights of a customer's pick-up for taking too long at a pump. According to KTLA, On May 18, local woman Monet Dansereau was at the Valero station at Fifth Street East and East Avenue K in Lancaster, CA when a station employee confronted a man in a black Toyota Tacoma for taking too long at a pump.

"The man was getting gas, cleaning his truck, and texting," said Dansereau. "He said he would leave when he was done."

The station employee returned to the building and emerged with a length of plastic pipe in her hand. As she approached the truck again, Dansereau began filming. The employee and the truck owner argued for a bit, the employee counted loudly to ten, then started swinging at the truck.

"Go right now!" shouted the employee as she smashed out the Tacoma's left taillight. "I told you to go. I told you two times!"

Strangely, the Tacoma's owner never attempted to stop the employee from hitting his truck. He simply shouted over her that he wasn't doing anything illegal and was just buying gas.

According to both the station's manager and Dansereau, the Tacoma owner was parked at his pump for well over an hour and the unnamed employee had asked him to move a number of times. The employee was arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism and spent the night in jail. The station posted her $20,000.00 bail and was expected to return to work.

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