Cabbie and motorist get into scuffle on New York expressway

Driving in New York can be pretty stressful, and New Yorkers often have a reputation as aggressive and opinionated, but that's no reason to have a punch-up in the middle of the freeway. Two New Yorkers felt the need to do just that though, and were caught on video by another motorist.

According to the New York Daily News, Sajib Mahmood was driving his cab along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway when he encountered an overly aggressive driver in a pick-up truck who was, in his words, "Changing lanes abruptly". Mahmood let the driver pass, but to his surprise he encountered the same driver a couple miles down the freeway near exit 40 shouting at another cab driver as they drove along.

"The pick-up's driver pulled in front of the cab and hit the brakes, then he got out of his vehicle," Mahmood told the News. The cabbie got out of his car, and the two began arguing on the shoulder.

"That's when they exchanged heated words and the pick-up driver all of sudden punched the cabbie in the face and the cabbie started fighting back," said Mahmood. "I intervened and tried to stop the fight but they were too aggressive, so I went back to the side of my car and started recording."

Within seconds of the fight starting, two NYPD officers who were responding to an accident a few hundred feet away came running and separated the two brawlers. According to another witness named Chand Sitaaray, who filmed the altercation and uploaded the video to YouTube, the two men were arrested and charged with public disturbance and blocking traffic.

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