Our new favorite website, 11foot8.com, is devoted to documenting the mishaps of tall trucks trying to navigate beneath one very low bridge near 201 Gregson Street in Durham, NC. The site recently spotted yet another crash where a box truck was stripped of its top on the trestle of a railroad bridge measuring, you guessed it, 11 feet, 8 inches high.

This crash happened on May 2, and it is the 107th crash documented by Jürgen Henn. Henn began recording the low-clearance train crossing in 2008. He figured so many people ignored the height warnings he would eventually catch a crash on video. It didn't take long. A month after setting up of cameras, Henn filmed his first truck hitting the railroad trestle and lose its top. Since then, he's had a steady stream of crash content to post to his site. About once a month for the past eight years drivers have smashed into the trestle.

The bridge is clearly marked in almost every way possible. On either side of the road, height warning signs appear for blocks in each direction. There is also an overhead height warning sign flanked by flashing lights. But even with all of these safety measures, trucks continue to hit the railway crossing. While the bridge probably won't be raised and the street can't be lowered for reasons Henn addresses on his site, the city is taking steps to add another layer of protection for drivers. On May 12, Durham put up a new digital sign telling drivers of over height vehicle to turn and save the tops of their vehicles. Henn says the sign has worked, so far. Keep up to date on this weird little crossroads here.

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