You can’t wait to get behind the wheel and out on the open road, but you still have to jump a few hurdles before you can get there. Namely, you need to pass your Texas driver’s written test so you can get your permit and then take your road test. The idea of a written test can cause some people to get nervous, but the test isn’t too difficult to pass. The state needs to make sure that you know and understand the rules of the road before they will give you a learner’s permit, and the written test is essential. To pass the test, you need to prepare properly. The following should help you pass the test the first time you try.

The driver’s manual

The Texas Driver Handbook, put out by the Department of Public Safety, contains all of the information you need to pass the test. The handbook covers the road signs, safety, parking laws, and traffic laws. All of the questions that are on the written test will come right from the info in this book, so it pays to read it and study it.

Fortunately, you are now able to download a PDF of the manual, so you do not have to spend your time going to the motor vehicle office to pick up a physical copy. One of the nice things about having it available as a PDF is the fact that you can do more than just download it to your computer. You can also take the manual and transfer it to your smartphone, e-reader, or tablet. This lets you have the book handy so you can study it whenever you have some extra time. In Appendix C of the book, they even have study and review questions for you.

Online tests

In addition to the handbook, you should also take several online tests. These tests will give you a good indicator of how much you still have to learn before you can pass the actual test. At DMV Written Test, you will find several tests that you can take to help you prepare for the Texas written exam. In fact, they have the same questions that you will find on the actual test. It’s a good idea to combine your studying with taking these tests to increase your knowledge and better prepare you for the exam.

Get an app

In addition to the online tests and the manual, getting an app or two for your smartphone can be a huge help as well. There are a number of different apps available for different types of phones including iPhone and Android. Two options that you might want to consider for your apps include Drivers Ed app and DMV Permit Test.

A final tip

One of the most important things to remember when you are getting ready for the real test is that you shouldn’t rush through it. Take your time, read the questions thoroughly, and your preparation will pay off.

This article originally appeared on as How to Prepare for the Texas Driver’s Written Test and was authored by Valerie Johnston.

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