It is important to remember that driving is a privilege and not a right, and you need to prove to the state that you are ready for the responsibility. Before you can take your road test, you need to take and pass the written test so you can get your permit. The written test is something that many people dread, mainly because they worry that they won’t do well on it because of past experiences with test anxiety. The questions that are on the test are not difficult though, and as long as you take enough time to study and prepare, you should not have any trouble doing well on the test. Let’s look at the best way to prepare for your test so you can pass on your first attempt.

The driver’s manual

The PA Driver’s Manual from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is the first and most important element of your preparation. You will need to have a copy of the manual, and fortunately, you are able to download a PDF whenever you need. It is available in both English as well as Spanish. One of the nice things about the electronic version is that you can also put it on your e-reader, your tablet, or even a smartphone that can read PDFs. This will give you access to it whenever you have some extra time available to study.

The questions on the written test come right from the manual, so you do need to study it. The manual covers road signs, signals, pavement markings, traffic laws, parking laws, and more. It is a lot to learn, but you will find that you already know quite a bit of the information in most cases.

Online tests

However, the manual is certainly not the only way that you want to prepare for your test. You will also want to start taking online practice tests. These will give you a much better idea of how things will go when it comes time to take the actual test. Once you’ve studied the manual for a while, take a practice test to see how well you do. Write down the questions that you got wrong along with the correct answers and make it a point to study that section of the manual again. Then, take another test to see your improvement. You can visit DMV Written Test and take several practice exams.

Get an app

You should also consider getting apps for your phone or tablet that have information and practice questions. These can further help you prepare, and you can keep studying even when you aren’t near a computer with the apps. Two apps that you may want to consider using include Drivers Ed app and DMV Permit Test.

A final tip

When you are taking your actual test, stay calm and do not rush through the questions. Read everything carefully and make sure that you are answering the question they ask. They aren’t trying to trick you, but if you rush, you could misread something. With your preparation complete, you can pass the test with flying colors.

This article originally appeared on as How to Prepare for the Pennsylvania Driver’s Written Test and was authored by Valerie Johnston.

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