Although you are excited to get out on the open road while you are behind the wheel, you have to slow down a bit. Before you can take your road test, you need to take your written exam so you can get your learner’s permit. The written test is a method used by the state to make sure that people know and understand the rules of the road before they actually start to drive. It’s essential that you pass this test, and that causes many people to panic. Fortunately, the test is not difficult to pass if you take the time to study and prepare for it. Read on to learn more about what you need to do to get ready for your test.

The driver’s manual

The best way to start preparing is to get a copy of the North Carolina Driver’s Handbook, which is put out by their Division of Motor Vehicles. This handbook contains all of the information that you need to know in order to abide by the law and to be safe on the roads. It covers road signs, signals, markings on the pavement, parking and traffic laws, emergencies, and more. All of the questions that the state puts on the written exam come from information in this handbook, so you can see why it is so important to study it.

Years ago, you would have needed to go to the local DMV to pick up a copy of the book, but things are much easier today. Instead, you can simply download the PDF and keep it on your computer to access when you are studying. You may find that putting it on an e-reader, smartphone, or tablet is handy as well. This way, you can have the manual around whenever you want to do a little extra studying.

Online tests

In addition to reading the manual, it is very important that you also take the time to do some practice tests on the web. These practice tests will give you a good indication of how much you actually know and how much more you need to study. After taking a test, go over the answers that you got wrong. Study some more, and then take another test. You will see that your score keeps getting higher, and before long you will be more confident when it comes to the real test. You can visit DMV Written Test to find several tests for North Carolina.

Get an app

Applications for your smartphone and tablet are another good way to get in some additional study and practice time before you take your tests. Apps, many of which are free, are available for all mobile device platforms. Some potential apps you may want to download are Drivers Ed app and DMV Permit Test.

A final tip

Finally, it is very important that you do not rush through this test. Even though you may feel like you know all of the answers, you still need to go slow enough that you read the questions carefully. Prepare, take your time with the test, and relax so you can do great.

This article originally appeared on as How to Prepare for the North Carolina Driver’s Written Test and was authored by Valerie Johnston.

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