Small Big Lebowski cars greenlit for scale model production

You can now recreate your favorite Big Lebowski car scenes on your desk.

Scale model cars tied to movies and movie franchises are awesome. But cast aside those Transformers and Batmobiles, and forget about your favorite ECTO-1 and time-machine DeLorean. Officially licensed Big Lebowski scale model cars will be produced by GreenLight Collectables.

The oddball slacker-noir detective film set in the early '90s is a cult film by now, and getting your own beater Gran Torino is just one way to celebrate the film's enduring success. As well as the well-worn Ford driven by Jeff Bridges in the Coen Brothers film, there will be other 1:43-scale cars, like the private-eye VW Beetle and the hapless Corvette C4 that John Goodman uses as a demonstration piece.

"To ensure we were able to begin producing The Big Lebowski models, we had four staff members working on the case. We were working in shifts!" says Russell Hughes, President of GreenLight Collectibles. The one-liners write themselves, and for a good reason; the entire 1998 movie consists of incredibly quotable lines. The 1973 Ford does live a rough life in the film, as seen in this scene.

Later on, there will also be a 1:64 scale version of the Ford, along with a "Sobchak Security" van used by Goodman's gun-toting Walter Sobchak character, well remembered for being the only person caring about the rules at the bowling alley. As well as other detailed models, Greenlight Collectables also produces a line of Fast & Furious movie cars in 1:43 scale.

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