Before you can get out on the road and learn to drive, you need to take and pass the Arizona written driver’s exam. The purpose of the test is to make sure you know and understand the rules of the road and the traffic laws, so you are safe on the streets. The test is not difficult, but you do need to study and to make sure you can pass the test the first time. We will be looking at the best way to prepare for your written test.

The driver’s manual

The Arizona Department of Transportation offers their Arizona Driver License Manual for those who are learning to drive. It’s an essential part of the learning experience, and it is going to help you when it comes to passing your test. One of the nice things about technology is the fact that you never have to worry about going to the Motor Vehicle Division in your area to pick one up. You can simply download the PDF and have it handy on your computer. You could also download the manual to your tablet or your e-reader so it is always at your fingertips. Be sure to read the manual, but follow the rest of the tips offered below as well.

Online tests

Choosing to take online tests in preparation for your real exam is a great idea. At DMV Written Test, you will find a set of 30 multiple choice questions that are taken from information in the manual. You will have to get at least 24 of the questions right to pass. This is just like it is when you take the actual test, and it is a perfect way to get prepared. The Arizona Department of Transportation also has practice tests on their site that you can take.

Once you have taken the time to study the manual for a bit, you can start to take the various online tests out there and see how you do. Eventually, you will know all of the right answers to the questions, and this should give you a huge boost of confidence when it comes to taking the real exam.

Get an app

You should also look into an app for your phone or tablet that can help you get ready for your Arizona driver’s written test. The Arizona DMV Permit Test on Google Play is one good option. You can also choose the Drivers Ed app on Google Play and the App Store. These are handy, as they act as an excellent study companion when used in conjunction with reading the manual.

A final tip

Take your time when you are answering the questions on your practice exams as well as on your written test. If you’ve studied, then you will know the answers, and they will seem obvious to you. They aren’t trying to trick you on the test, so don’t make mistakes thinking that they’ve asked trick questions. They will be the same questions that are in the manual and on the practice exams. Good luck!

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