Top Gear's Chris Evans wants to be paid less

Top Gear star speaks out amid BBC royal charter drama.

Top Gear host Chris Evans had a blunt message for the BBC as the government organization is facing the proposition of revealing revealing how much it pays its stars: "Just pay us less."

"It's not exactly breaking news that people who do what I do for a living, compared to people in the real world, get paid too much money," Evans told BBC News. "We've got jobs that people would kill for, we get to do things that people would pay to do if they could afford it. Sometimes those things aren't even available to buy. Most of us work part-time anyway, so just pay us less. That's what I would do. It's not rocket science."

You can check out Evans' remarks to the BBC below.

Evans statements are also an admission that the host works on a more leisurely schedule than your typical nine-to-fiver. The new TG host previously complained about the strain of working both his highly rated BBC Radio 2 morning show and recording new episodes of the rebooted Top Gear. According to Evans, he's "useless" and "fried" by 2:00 p.m. each work day.

Evans made his remarks on camera as the British government prepares to submit the so-called White Papers to Parliament. According to Radio Times, this document will determine the organization's royal charter for the next ten years, and could have a serious impact on how the organization is funded. The new charter will allegedly force the BBC to publish a list of all its on-screen employees paid over 150,000 pounds ($218,000 at today's rates) per year. The BBC is afraid being forced to publish salaries could cause it to lose top talent that don't wish to have their incomes published.

The White Papers will be submitted to the House of Commons today.

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