Hitch Theaters makes the drive-in theater a go-anywhere option

A tow-hitch-mounted screen and a projector can turn your truck bed into a tiny movie theater.

The drive-in movie theater has been dying a slow, ignominious death for years. That means your options for watching films like the baby boomers – in the open air – are limited. A new Kickstarter campaign is trying to change that, with the Hitch Theater.

We'll classify this one as one of those good old "Why didn't I think of that moments." The Hitch Theater comes in three separate configurations with the stated goal of letting you watch your favorite flicks wherever you please. Each setup involves a 122-inch, HD-grade nylon projection screen, while a tripod stand is home to the actual projector. But it's how you mount the screen and tripod stand that really makes this work.

In the company's "True Drive-In Theater" setup, the projection screen mounts directly to a truck's tailgate, while the projector's tripod sits atop the cab. This turns the bed into a big – and provided you've got enough blankets and pillows – comfortable viewing pit. If you'd rather not sit in your truck bed or have more than a couple people hoping to watch the movie, all you need to do is move and raise the tripod stand and flip the screen around.

The screen/projector stand combo starts with a $330 donation – naturally, there are higher and lower donation levels – which doesn't seem outrageous, considering you can mount it anywhere. Still, it looks like you'll need to budget for a projector and speakers, neither of which are cheap. As for power, the Hitch Theater team says it's used "power converters that plug into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle, battery pack's [sic], or generators," as well as a truck's 120-volt outlet without issue.

Hitch Theaters Kickstarter goal is a hefty $220,000, and with just 15 days left in its campaign, it's still short $218,572 as of this writing. If you want to help out, head over to Kickstarter and toss the team a few bucks.

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