Florida man attempts to smuggle poached gator parts, fails

A lot of crazy things happen in Florida, especially out in the swampy hinterlands. The latest strange news out of the Sunshine State comes from the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area, a massive wildlife refuge between Lake Okeechobee and West Palm Beach. According to News Channel 10, officers Luis Merizio and Casey Schroer of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission stopped a pickup truck at the refuge to check for a day-use pass. When they approached the truck however, the routine stop took a turn for the weird.

The truck's cab was littered with alligator parts, including a large, clawed foot stuck in a storage cubby in the truck's dashboard. Curious about the slightly macabre scene, the officers questioned the truck's owner but his story didn't add up.

"The driver told our officers that the parts were from an alligator he hunted a few years ago," said an FWC spokesperson on the agency's official Facebook page.

The two experienced officers were not convinced, and they smelled something fishy with the driver's story. Literally.

"Our officers could smell that the alligator had been taken recently," said the FWC.

The officers then detained the driver and read him his rights, whereupon he admitted to killing the alligator just a few days prior without the proper permit. The driver, whose name was not released by the FWC, was cited for hunting an alligator without a permit.

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