If you live in Nevada, and you have a disability, you could qualify for a special permit that lets you use handicapped parking spaces. You could qualify for a temporary, moderate, or permanent placard, permanent plate, or disabled veteran plate.

Types of placards and plates

A disability placard hangs on the front side of your rearview mirror. It must always be visible. A handicap plate is used instead of an ordinary license plate.

If you are travelling through the state of Nevada, handicap plates and permits from other states will also be recognized.

Parking rules

In Nevada, you are entitled to use a handicapped parking space if you are the driver or a passenger.

Qualifying for a handicapped parking permit

In Nevada, the DMV issues special plates and placards for people with disabilities that are recognized by a doctor. This means that you will have to provide medical certification stating that you are disabled. You can apply for a permit”

  • By mail
  • In person
  • By fax

You will need to provide a Disabled Persons License Plates and/or Placards Application (Form SP27), in order to qualify for a handicapped permit. Once you have qualified, you can be issued a permanent, temporary, or moderate placard.

You will have to provide the Nevada DMV with your existing license plates, and if you are also registering, you will have to provide an emissions inspection certificate and pay the usual registration renewal fees the same as you would if you were renewing an ordinary license.


Special handicapped license plates and placards will expire, and will have to be renewed. Disability license plates are good for a year. Moderate placards are good for up to two years, and permanent placards up to ten years.

If you have a moderate or temporary disability placard, and it has expired, you will need to re-apply for your permit. For permanent disability placards, you will get a renewal notice in the mail, and you will have to complete the form and return it to the Nevada DMV before the expiry date. You do not have to have a doctor sign your renewal.

Lost permits or placards

If you lose your permit or placard, or if it is stolen, then you will have to reapply for your handicapped permit. The DMV in Nevada does not automatically replace lost, stolen or damaged permits or placards.

As a disabled driver in the state of Nevada, you are entitled to certain rights and privileges under the law. You are entitled to park in privileged spots, and you can obtain special placards and license plates that identify you as being entitled to do so. It is an offense under the law for you to allow anyone else to use your special permits, and if you are found doing so, you can be liable to penalties under the law. Your special permits or plates must be visible at all times when you are using privileged parking.

This article originally appeared on YourMechanic.com as Disabled Driver Laws and Permits in Nevada and was authored by Valerie Johnston.

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