Leno drives the experimental Ford Fairlane that could have been

A little imagination goes a long way. The latest custom to roll through Jay Leno's Garage is a 1967 Fairlane meant to envision an experimental car that never was. Stephen Stroppe and his team at Pure Vision Design call it the Black Ops, after a clandestine (and made-up) group of engineers within Ford that they imagine would have come up with such a car back in '67.

The backstory given to this Fairlane 500 is that it was built as a cheater car that could have been used for testing and R&D for the Fairlane's stock-car endeavors. To further the experimental-prototype theme, they sourced parts from period-correct cars, including the Mustang, Mercury Cougar, and Shelby Cobra. Everything else they built specially or had built to their specifications – like those billet aluminum knock-off wheels inspired by the Lamborghini Miura's Campagnolos.

Even the livery is a retro update, an homage to the Fairlane that Mario Andretti drove to the checkered flag at the 1967 Daytona 500. Without any racing regulations to comply with, this restomod fantasy of a skunkworks demonstrator goes a little power-crazy. The 427 fitted in the immaculate engine bay is said to be good for 650 horsepower, but Stroppe admits he may have been sandbagging. After driving it – and sticking the throttle – Jay figures it's actually cranking out a lot more. Just listen to it roar in the video above.

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