5 teens survive 80-foot leap, rollover in Tesla Model S crash

The EV was dramatically destroyed after an 'excessive speed' crash.

There is a valet mode option for the Tesla Model S, but it's unlikely to have been engaged just before a recent Tesla Model S crash in Germany. An 18-year-old female was driving her father's car when she lost control of the car going through a curve at "excessive speed," according to local newspaper Merkur. After losing control, the Model S flew through the air for at least 80 feet, flipped over and landed on its wheels.

As you can see in the pictures at Merkur, the frunk was demolished in the crash but the five occupants – all 18 or 19 – survived. While they were injured, they were able to extract themselves from the car. Some were taken by helicopter to the nearby helicopter in Munich. The legal driving age in Germany is 18.

As Electrek points out, the way the Model S flew through the air for 80 feet and then crashed in a field, "highlights the importance of a large crumple zone, like the Tesla Model S' front trunk (frunk), something easier to design with electric vehicles due to the lack of engines and the use of smaller motors."

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