A young St. Louis-area man didn't set out to shoot a thrilling video of a high-speed police chase earlier this week, but fate put him in the right place at the right time. According to FOX 2 St. Louis, a Simmons Bank branch in Clayton, MO, was robbed on the afternoon of May 5. The suspect fled from the scene in a silver Chevy Astro, leading police on a chase through Clayton, St. Louis City, and finally into St. Louis County. The suspect exited Interstate 55 onto Interstate 270, where he entered the southbound lanes driving north in an attempt to elude his pursuers.

Enter Kyle Strobel. Kyle and some friends were driving north in the northbound lanes of I-270 when they got wrapped up in the police chase. He pulled out his phone and shot a video of the robbery suspect as he wove through southbound traffic and sped along the highway shoulder.

Like something out of a Michael Man film, Kyle kept his camera on the Astro, showing the desperate suspect fleeing a fleet of police vehicles. At one point, Kyle's car matched speed with the suspect's van and the two drivers made eye contact for just a moment. The van then sped away and Kyle's vehicle changed lanes to evade oncoming police cars.

"It's like COPS in real life!" exclaimed one of the passengers in Kyle's vehicle.

Eventually the police were able to stop the Astro and the suspect was taken into custody. After the incident, Kyle sent the video to FOX 2, where it ended up on their public Facebook page and quickly went viral.

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