You're probably aware of the massive Fort McMurray fire, which is raging out of control right in the middle of Canada's vast oilfields. Some 80,000 people have been displaced, The Globe and Mail reports, and the situation is so bad that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – yes, the Mounties – have decided to form a convoy of 1,500 vehicles to get more people out of the way of harm.

The situation is tragic, and the route is perilous, so the Mounties aren't taking any chances. They'll move the convoy in groups of 50 at a time, with RCMP vehicles in the vanguard and rear guard positions and helicopters overhead. Gasoline tankers will be on hand to make sure the evacuees have enough gas.

The one thing the Mounties don't have to worry about at the moment is a guzzoline-crazed gang of violent psychopaths, which is just about the only thing separating this devastating situation for the residents of Fort McMurray from becoming a post-apocalyptic action movie.

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