Question of the Day: Best obscure road-trip song?

There are the driving songs we've all heard a million times, but what about the less-common ones?

These days, we all have access to a gigantic Mississippi-volume flow of music while we're driving, and yet we keep hearing the same road-trip music over and over; even the best stuff gets old after sufficient repetitions. We need new songs for those moments when it's just you and the car at 3:52 a.m. on US-50 in Nevada. I've been doing long road trips in hooptie cars for several decades now, and all those hours spent trying to make the perfect road-trip mixtape have given me something of an ear for the lesser-known car-music treasures. Say, Bo Diddley's Aztec, or Smoke's Shadow Box, both great for the 600th mile of a trip. Still, I'm going to throw Yello's first single, I.T. Splash, with the man who couldn't stop driving, as my favorite most-people-haven't-heard-it-a-million-times road-trip song. What's yours?

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