Artist gives Lamborghini Huracan fierce rattle-can paint job

It is nearly impossible to make a car as flashy as a Lamborghini even more so, but Miami-based artist and car customizer Rich B Caliente did just that. Caliente recently unveiled a piece where he painted an Imperial stormtrooper helmet from Star Wars in a striking mixture of matte blues, silvers, and golds. Not long after, Caliente was contacted by an artist known only as ZEVIGG who saw the customized stormtrooper helmet and wanted the same treatment for his Lamborghini Huracan.

"I asked him to give me a day to think about this project since it involved major amounts of time and effort, on top of that it had never been done before as far as color blending an entire car. After some careful thought, I felt confident that I could knock it out of the box even though it was a $200,000-dollar car I'd be using as my canvas," Caliente told DUB Magazine.

Dubbed "Project Inspire", the work took place over the course of three days in a paint booth at Exclusive Motoring, a high-end customization shop in Miami. Using nothing but spray paint cans, Caliente hand painted the Lamborghini like a grafitti artist spraying an underpass. The mixture of paints gave the car a rich patina and provided a base on which the car's owner added his own personal artistic touches. The car's look was capped off by Vossen Precision Series wheels, which were painted to match the car, and a set of grippy Toyo Proxes to keep the powerful Lambo planted.

Soon after completion, the car was driven at the Miami leg of the Bullrun Rally. It now resides with its owner in New York City, where ZEVIGG parades it around as a rolling piece of art.

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