A driving holiday is one of the best ways to experience great countryside sights, but a breathtaking coastal road isn't at its best if you're saddled with a rental econobox. Mercedes-Benz now offers a "Classic Car Travel" program, which puts you behind the wheel of a classic SL drop top somewhere in the Mediterranean coast.

The program originally started with Gert Pichter, who is one of the two founders of Nostalgic GmbH, a driving experience company offering such cars as classic Alfa Romeos and convertible Beetles on Alpine passes and twisty Tuscany roads. Now, Mercedes-Benz is working together with the company, and its car portfolio has been widened with the W113 body "Pagoda" SL and the later R107 model. "We have carefully selected routes that are a little off the beaten track and that showcase some stunning scenery", says Pichler.

Classic Car Travel's service doesn't just consist of handing over the keys and leaving one to one's own devices. The customer is introduced to the car after being picked from the airport, the route is detailed, there's accommodation in carefully selected hotels, and even the restaurants have been cherry-picked. Each of the available M-B tours costs around $2,260, and there is an English-speaking tour guide in a support vehicle in case anything unplanned happens. The drives are tailored for small groups of up to 18 people, there are ten SL models on one route, and during the drive the cars will be swapped over so each driver gets to experience the variety of engines and models available during the classic SL's heydays.

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