Because a car title proves ownership of the vehicle, it is essential that the title be transferred whenever ownership changes. If you’re buying a car from a private seller in Mississippi, you’ll need to transfer the title to your own name. Sellers will need to transfer the title to the buyer’s name. The same thing applies to donating a vehicle, gifting one, or inheriting one. Of course, there are quite a few steps to know when it comes to transferring a car title in Mississippi.

What buyers should know about title transfers

Buyers have only a few steps they need to complete in the title transfer process, but it’s important to get them right. You’ll need to:

  • Make sure to get a completed title from the seller. The seller should fill in all the assignment sections on the back.
  • Complete the Application for Mississippi Title and License. This form can only be obtained from a state tax collection office.
  • Get insurance on the car and provide proof.
  • Take this information to the DOR office, along with your license, and money for your title transfer fee, registration costs, and taxes. The transfer will cost $9, and registration will be $14, plus the applicable MS Road and Bridge Privilege Tax ($7.20 to $15).

Common mistakes

  • Not completing the title application correctly

What sellers should know about title transfers

Sellers have a few additional steps to complete, but they’re not particularly difficult. They include:

  • Complete the assignment sections on the back of the title. Note that if you’ve lost the title, you’ll need to pay for a duplicate, which will cost $9.
  • If there isn’t enough room on the title to provide all the required information (odometer reading, buyer’s name, etc.), then you’ll need to complete a bill of sale and give it to the buyer.
  • If you’re selling or giving the car to a relative, you’ll need to complete an Affidavit of Relationship. This form can be obtained from the tax collector’s office in your county.
  • Take off the license plates.

Common mistakes

  • Not completing the fields on the back of the title

Gifting and inheriting a vehicle in Mississippi

When it comes to gifting a vehicle, the steps are identical to those outlined above with the caveat that the Affidavit of Relationship be completed and filed with the DOR (only for family title transfers). For inherited vehicles, things change a little. You’ll need:

  • The current title
  • The signature of any surviving spouse if their name is on the title also
  • A copy of the will
  • A letter of administration or testamentary (only if the estate didn’t go through probate)


  • If the owner died without a will, you’ll need to complete an Affidavit When Owner Dies without a Will, which can be obtained from the county tax collector’s office.
  • File this information with the DOR office, and pay the $9 transfer fee, as well as the registration fees.

For more information about how to transfer a car title in Mississippi, visit the state’s DOR website.

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