Open Road

Dreams are made of these

Every young boy, many girls too, fantasize about seeing the cars that they have posters of on their walls in person. Better yet, seeing those cars racing around a track at a speed that would make the strongest of people hold on to whatever was near with a white knuckle grip. In Long Beach, during the weekend of the Grand Prix, we are able to see our dream machines do exactly that. Doing what they were engineered for, driving fast.

The exotics and sports cars use the same track that shuts down part of Downtown Long Beach and the Indy cars race on, but when they race, it's almost as if they transform it into something else. The sounds of engines being redlined as they exit a corner is too much for some people to handle, but for many, it's as if they were at the opera. These are the moments that reaffirm the passion for high performance machines. Even wearing ear protection can't hide your from the raw power, you can feel it as they drive by. The ground trembles and the sound waves pound at your body nearly taking your breath away.

Even when they are parked in the pit area, you can stare at them and just imagine them being driven to their limits, destroying tires and earning their next tune up. The feelings these dream machines evoke from seeing them in person and the experience of watching them racing at their limits remind us why we dreamt of them in the first place.

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