Watch a 1,000 hp Toyota Celica lose a wheel during drag race

After some impressive runs, a 2JZ-powered Celica has a mild disaster on the strip.

I put a new set of wheels and tires on my Mini last night. While I'm 100-percent confident I did everything the right way, I'll still spend the next several trips worrying that the lug nuts attaching my car to one of the new Kosei K8R wheels will decide they'd rather not do their job. This video isn't helping my anxiety.

It starts well. There's a 1975 Toyota Celica. Toyota's legendary 2JZ engine provides around 1,000 horsepower, which we'd classify as "a whole hell of a lot." It sounds and goes very nicely, making multiple runs during the TX2K16, a drag and roll-racing event in, you guessed it, Texas. It faces off against a tough-looking GT-R, before making short work of an Audi R8. Then, it beats out a nice Chevrolet Camaro SS, rocking out a 10.21-second quarter-mile run on a lousy start. And then the wheels come off. Literally.

If you all you want to see is the disaster, fast forward to around the 3:30 mark. After a hearty burnout, the 2JZ-powered Celica goes for a hard launch and promptly disintegrates the lug nuts on the driver's side rear wheel. It's an impressive, if disheartening sight. But it's one the driver handles well, all things considered.

Check out the video up top. And as for me, I'll be out in the garage making sure I torqued my wheels properly.

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