In Monaco, modern Ferraris are like Toyota Camrys and Bentley Continental GTs are like Corollas. They're not exciting. Common. Boring. Plain. If you want to make a statement, you need to get more exotic or boutique. A Gumpert Apollo, then.

Judging by the reactions of Monaco's usually jaded citizens that the Apollo isn't a common site. The orange super-exotic was spotted on the principality's streets with a 21-year-old woman at the wheel. If you're thinking that someone that's barely reached drinking age shouldn't be driving a 700-horsepower supercar around the tight, crowded streets of a major European city, you're not alone. But while most millennials only care about whose bae liked their Insta-whats-it photo and replayed their Snapchats, this particular young lady knows what she's doing behind the wheel of this Apollo S.

Her name is Gabriela Jílková, and she's a Czech racing driver with lots of experience under her belt. She's spent several years in the Formula Renault 2.0 series, which makes her plenty qualified to putter about Monaco at the helm of an Apollo. Okay, so maybe she's not puttering, per se. In fact, you'll get to hear plenty of the Apollo's fury thanks to a couple of green-light burnouts. Check it out.

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