An open road is a beautiful thing. Ten years ago, the blog world was as wide open as any stretch of tarmac you'll find anywhere. Most writers who worked for blogs back then didn't get paid and there were few rules about what you could and couldn't do. Since there was no one to tell us we couldn't, we figured we would start up AutoblogGreen, a part of Autoblog dedicated to more efficient transportation.

I wasn't personally involved in the decision to create ABG, but I was hired on as the first - and so far, only – editor. It's rare enough that anyone keeps a job for ten years in today's economy, and so the fact that I've been able to cover the green car industry, to learn and report back to you about literally thousands of different cars and people and ideas has been an incredible stroke of luck. I have to thank everyone who's worked with me over the years, everyone who's agreed to an interview (or loan me their $145,000 EV), and, of course, you all for reading. I wanted to mark this occasion with a few notes about the journey thus far.

Earth Day seemed like the perfect day to launch a website about green cars. So we did.

Earth Day seemed like the perfect day to launch a website about green cars. So we did, on April 22, 2006. A few months, later I was sent on my first work trip: an overnight visit to Santa Monica to cover the first public reveal of the Tesla Roadster. An auspicious start, when you think about it. Looking back on that post, it's a bit embarrassing to see how bad those early pictures are, but this job was a learn-as-you-go kind of thing. Still is, sometimes.

It's been challenging, of course, with some crazy long days (and long drives), but the overall experience has been joy and finding new ways to quench my curiosity. Over the years, we at least touched upon every green car angle you can name. Plug-ins, hybrids, and hydrogen have been our bread and butter, but when biofuels were more in vogue, we wrote more about biofuels. We bought into the clean diesel message – with, I think, good reason. Diesel vehicles remain more efficient than similar gas-powered ones – only to have that all come crashing down when it was revealed that Volkswagen was lying to the world. Throughout it all, we've tried to balance our excitement for cleaner and better cars - because, let's face it, a cleaner car is a better car – with the knowledge that change simply takes time. My personal excitement about green cars is something that I still don't see represented in the broader auto industry or the cars that people buy. Still, 400,000 reservations for an electric car no one has driven points to a serious interests in at least some of the cars we cover around here.

We get an advance look at the best potential future.

The best part about AutoblogGreen is that we get an advance look at the best potential future. Sure, there is plenty to be worried about (the way climate change is ever-more likely to ruin lives) and skeptical about (our ability to change our habits), but as the Paris agreement (being signed today) shows, there's hope. We need more than what's in that agreement, but thankfully individuals can take more drastic action quicker than governments can.

Changing your car or your driving habits to clean up the way you move around this planet won't solve everything, but it will undoubtedly help. And if you can learn just one extra tip or bit of news as you read what we post here, then we're keeping that Earth Day spirit alive.

There's a section of our CMS where I can check my cumulative statistics. As of today, I've written 6,072,965 words on 9,615 posts. A blog is so much more than a traditional news outlet. It's an ongoing conversation, with reader comments and links to earlier bits of the same topic. As we write up more and more on a particular topic, we can group it into its own page, like this one on Tesla's continuing efforts to buck the traditional dealership franchise machine. In the era of social media, this is just one arm of our daily interaction, but it remains our core mission.

Thank you for reading least this one of my 9,615 attempts to share information with you. Here's to many, many more. In the spirit of ABG, I'll make sure to do the next 9,615 in a more efficient manner.

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