Infinite-range Immortus Solar Sports Car gets a wee bit more real

EVX's mission is to build the "world’s first road-legal solar sports car."

You won't be able to drive the EVX Ventures Immortus any time soon, but a real-world version is a bit closer to reality. The self-proclaimed " world's first road-legal solar sports car" is an attempt to build a car for after the end of the world, and as pie-in-the-sky as it still is, EVX is working to gather the funds to build a prototype. EVX Ventures CEO Barry Nguyen will speak at the IdTechEx expo in Berlin, Germany next week on "Energy Independent Vehicles," the ones that don't need any sort of power source outside the vehicle.

EVX called Tesla, "kind of a competitor of ours."

Just like the Immortus itself, which is a solar-powered car that is supposed to have an unlimited range thanks to a 10-kWh battery and a light-footed driver (this is only possible if you stay under 37 miles per hour), EVX thinks big. In a recent Facebook post, the company called Tesla, "kind of a competitor of ours" and EVX says that, "the Immortus is designed to exhibit a toughness that no other car has: endurance." Don't let anyone say they're not reaching for the stars over there. The lightweight – 1,212 pound – electric vehicle has room for two people but is only 16.5 feet long and 6 feet 7 inches wide. With a full battery when the sun is shining, EVX claims it'll drive for over 340 miles (at 53 mph). All this for just $370,000. As long as no one pits an Immortus against a (Dodge) Avenger, our timeline should be good.

Before the Immortus becomes an actual thing you can go and buy, EVX does have some sort of plan to stay afloat. The company says it hopes to use the Immortus to develop "key range-extension technologies, which would benefit commercial fleets and mass-produced vehicles." One example provided by EVX is a "Hybrid Retrofit Kit," which could be added to existing vehicles, "to reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and increase range." So, there's that.

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