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Most drivers have a short list of bad driving habits that drive them crazy. These are three of the most annoying.

Left lane squatters: I don't understand how anyone can be so disconnected from the task of driving that they mindlessly block the passing lane while traveling slower than the slow lane. Do they not notice the line of cars backing up behind them? Do they not see the angry glares or hear the horns of those lucky enough to squeeze past in the right lane? These drivers make my head explode – not only because it is rude and illegal, it's unsafe. A precise driver is a safe driver. Stay right unless you are passing and move back as soon as you safely clear the car you are passing. Sadly, there is a growing epidemic of left lane squatters clogging up American highways everywhere.

Slalom Racers: These are the guys who fly up on you from out of nowhere - traveling MUCH faster than the rest of the traffic, weaving in and out, never touching their brakes unless they are about to slam into a car that is blocking their path (or lane squatting) and then tailgating them until their path clears. Rinse and repeat. I live on the east coast and these guys all seem to drive BMWs with New York plates. Go figure.

Drive-Through Window Snails: This is the guy who could not care less that someone might be waiting behind him as he slowly decides how much money he wants from the ATM. I understand that the withdrawal process can take a little time. But at least pull forward while you count your money and put your bills away. Just pull forward. Please. It's also the guy who orders ten hamburgers without onions and then sits at the window checking each sandwich before slowly putting each penny of change into a coin holder. Just pull forward as soon as you can. If everyone did this, we could collectively reclaim hundreds of years for our lives.

Bonus Peeve – Drivers who don't know the difference between Yield and Stop. I'm adding this to this list because I just remembered that years ago I rear-ended a car that had come to a complete stop at a yield sign on an entrance ramp to an empty highway. This is especially dangerous since drivers entering a highway should be glancing left making sure the lane is free from traffic. If there is no traffic, then everyone should safely merge. You are not supposed to come to a complete stop for no apparent reason causing the guy behind you, who is trying to merge, to rear-end you after slamming on his brakes at the last minute because he was glancing left momentarily because he assumes you know that yield does not mean stop for no apparent reason. Whew! Please. Slow down and merge safely.

I have more. Like tailgaters, able-bodied drivers who park in handicap spaces, morons who don't use turn signals, kids booming music so loud that your car shakes at a stop light, and people who read newspapers while driving to work. Yes, I actually saw a guy driving on the Jersey Turnpike while reading a newspaper. No surprise, he was driving a BMW with New York plates.

So, what are your peeves?

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