1960 Willys Overland Wagon is Icon's latest awesome Derelict

Icon's Derelict one-offs are impressive for the way they take classic vehicles and invisibly incorporate modern amenities. The recently finished 1960 Willys Overland Wagon in this video shows this design ethos perfectly by looking original in all the important places but packing the latest tech to hit the road everyday with no problem. Plus, Icon founder Jonathan Ward once again shows his painstaking eye for even the smallest details.

Willys made these wagons for work, and this one originally served for hauling around kids at a summer camp. The owners really took care of it, though, so Ward was able to use the original body, upholstery, glass, and headliner for this build. Some of the parts, like the seats, just needed refurbishing.

Modern utility makes it easy to live with the vintage looks. The Willys now has a custom chassis and uses a General Motors E-Rod V8 crate engine. Power goes to the rear through a five-speed manual, and there's a locking differential in case the owner gets caught out in the snow. Inside, Icon hides an air conditioning unit under the dashboard and adds an iPhone-based stereo system.

Let Ward take you on a complete tour of the Wagon in this clip. Driving it looks like a ton of fun. The interior still rattles like you would expect from a vintage vehicle, but there are all the modern conveniences inside.

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