Study finds startling amount of drivers are not watching the road

If the public service announcements and statistics about distracted driving haven't convinced you that it's a serious hazard, consider this: an insurance industry website called recorded rush hour traffic along a stretch of I-95 in South Florida. They filmed for twenty minutes, recording a total of 2,151 passing cars. Of those cars, a whopping 185 of them were driven by obviously distracted drivers. That's 8.6 percent of drivers in this sample. While they only study Florida, this scene is recreated on every freeway in America. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a study in 2013 that found that, at any given time, there are 660,000 drivers driving distracted.

The study, The Hazards of Distracted Driving, goes into granular detail on all the date surrounding distracted driving. In particular, cell phones were found to be the main cause of distraction. Talking on the phone was by far the most common, followed by texting and eating. The study also examined the outcome of distracted driving. Ten percent of crashes involve some kind of distracted driving. In 2013, 2,910 people were killed in distracted driving accidents.

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