Watch a stuntman backflip over a speeding electric racecar

Damien Walker nails a remarkable stunt.

Formula E, the newer open-wheeled electric racing series, has been steadily and aggressively drumming up interest through both traditional routes, and also a handful of stunts. And now we have a man backflipping over a speeding car. It's real. Take a look above. The stunt starts right around 2:50, if you're impatient.

Damien Walker, a stuntman, performed the jump in Mexico City last month. The car was traveling at 60 mph, and Walker was staring at a timer in order to get it exactly right. Let's just say we'd probably be watch a different, more tragic video if the choreography had been off.

If you want to see more of the video, check it out from the car's point of view in the 360-degree video below:

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