We take it as a given that motorcycles are, unfortunately, easier to steal than cars. Bust the lock and off you go. But would anyone have the chutzpah to steal a bike on a crowded street, in the middle of the city, in broad daylight? Apparently so, because that's just what we're looking at here in this video clip.

The footage shows three thieves, disguised by full-face helmets and riding on a couple of motor scooters, steal a motorcycle parked in the middle of London. People are watching, one evidently even filming the event going down, while someone suggests calling the police. But cowardly or wisely, nobody intervenes. The thieves don't even seem to make off in much of a hurry.

The worst part is that we don't doubt this kind of thing happens all the time – around the world and right here in America. This is just an incident that happened to have been caught on camera. The question is, would you have done any differently? Would you have stepped up and interfered with the crime taking place right in front of your eyes – possibly at the risk of your own life and limb?

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