Cat trapped in car fender rescued by firefighters

Rescue workers in Oceanside, CA, destroyed a man's bumper to save the life of a fuzzy feline trapped behind the plastic body panel last month. The owner of the Toyota Highlander drove from Mexico to his home in Southern California – a journey of over 50 miles – without realizing he had a stowaway, NBC San Diego reported.

Once he heard the panicked meows of the trapped cat, he called for help. Responders from the Oceanside Fire Department managed to pull the exhausted and frightened cat from below the front bumper of the car. The little guy was taken to the Humane Society for a wellness check and to be put up for adoption. How he got trapped in the car in the first place remains a mystery.

This isn't the first time a car owner has been moved to wreck their vehicle in order to save a cat. In 2014, Errand Frazier became an Internet hero when he took a pair of sheet metal cutters to his own truck to rescue a trapped kitten. The local Humane Society was so touched by Frazier's dedication to saving the animal that it took up a collection to help him pay for the damages.

It's important to remember that during transitional weather, such a the first warm days of Spring, cats are prone to crawl into cars' engine bays for warmth at night. To keep your car feline-free, honk the horn a few times before starting up the engine in the morning. You could save a life, and save yourself a lot of trouble at the body shop.

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