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Tesla Model S stretches big into electric limo

California outfit Big Limos is working on a XL length Tesla Model S.

Teslas already get plenty of attention, so turning one into a stretched limousine is certainly a way to get ahead in today's limo business. The company does say they have an environmental cause behind the choice of vehicle, and it makes a bit of sense: if electric vehicles are going to become increasingly commonplace in the future, knowing how to turn one into a limousine is a sure-fire way of beating the competition.

The Tesla Model S has gained shiny new sheetmetal.

Right now, Big Limos is keeping potential customers entertained by posting work-in-progress videos on its Facebook page. Between updates, the Tesla Model S has gained shiny new sheetmetal where there once was a gaping lack of vehicle, and right now the mechanics are working on the upholstery. The company says is has managed to keep every option and functionality working, including the touchscreen in the dashboard. Since the screen shows an outside rendering of the Model S, maybe it should be replaced with a limousine image as well.

It is definitely interesting to find what kind of hurdles lie in stretching an electric car, and it's likely the Leaf lengthening Big Limos did earlier has taught the mechanics a thing or two about zero emission vehicles. The CEO of Big Limos, Mike Walstrom, says the electric technology engineering on the Model S was a challenge to get right on the conversion, and that they do not yet have Tesla support on the vehicle. But according to the company, they are working on that aspect for future builds. Tesla did not respond to a request for comment from Autoblog.

The cost estimate for the converted Model S is currently at $100,000-200,000, depending of options. On top of that, there's the price of the car itself, as is expected. Big Limos flaunts the possibility of specifying gullwing doors, and these would add a touch of X factor to the extra-long S.

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