Do two S's make a car go faster? Maybe, based on the all-electric race car from Pariss. The French startup is promoting its EV with the idea that owners can hone their skills on the track. While information is hard to come by for those who can't read French (or forgot most of it from high school), the vehicle looks like quite fun.

0-60 will take less than three seconds. Mon dieu.

Pariss has posted a 22-second video on its Facebook page that is heavy on shadows and innuendo and light on specifics. Technologic Vehicles says that the company is about to unveil a prototype of sorts. The concept involves a 1,900-pound battery-electric vehicle that will have more than 300 horsepower as well as a top speed of about 125 miles per hour. And the 0-60 miles per hour time will be less than three seconds. Mon dieu.

At about $115,000, the car will be produced in real limited numbers (200 a year, max). And while the car won't be street legal, it will contain of ton of telematics and a bunch of cameras that will allow its owners to take the beast out to the track and participate in Pariss's performance-driving school. In fact, the single-charge range will allow for about 40 real-fun minutes on the track between charging sessions.

The car's been a few years in the making, as electric-vehicle prototypes tend to be. As far back as 2013, Gizmag was writing about what was then an electric roadster designed for street use. That version was a little lighter (1,650 pounds) and a little slower (0-60 mph in about five seconds), and it had an option for an onboard range extender. That car was shown off at the Geneva Auto Show, but this version looks a bit more fun. You can check out the Pariss website (in French, of course) here.

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