What $40k worth of lights and chrome does to a JDM truck

Documentary follows a dekotora owner around.

Japan's dekotora truck culture allows big rig drivers to express themselves by decking out their vehicles with a plethora of blinking lights and shining chrome. While we occasionally catch glimpses of this automotive lifestyle in the US, this short documentary called Dekotora, Another Roadside Attraction takes viewers inside the dekotora truck scene with someone who actually drives one everyday.

Takuya Sosogi carries fresh vegetables between markets and claims he has covered the over 2 million kilometers (1.2 million miles) in his dekotora. He also has spent around 5 million yen ($46,200 at current rates) to make his Mitsubishi Fuso light up the night. At this point the truck has become among the most important parts of his life. Sosogi believes that taking good care of his rig is akin to looking after himself.

Despite the blinking lights and polished metal, Sosogi's truck is almost subdued by dekotora standards. Some of the rigs feature lighting rigs that rise high into the sky and sport crazy body modifications. Watch the entire documentary above for a look into this fascinating Japanese automotive subculture.

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