Question of the Day: What was the best year ever for new cars?

Maybe it was 1922, when affordable cars like the Ford Model T and Austin 7 made the automobile more than just a rich man's toy. Perhaps it was 1965, when just about every Western car manufacturer was building the most beautiful machines ever to put four tires to the tarmac. Then 1987 was a banner year for crazy Japanese cars with science-fiction dashes and gloriously excessive gadgetry. And, of course, a good case could be made for 2016, because the greatest engines ever put in motor vehicles are being made right now. I say the best year ever for cars was 1991, because carburetors, finally, were just about gone from US-market cars and light trucks (other than weird outliers like the Ford LTD Police Interceptor and Subaru Justy), the hateful Del Sol had not yet replaced the CRX, and small pickup trucks were still small. What do you think the pinnacle year was or is?

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