This Nissan GT-R just smashed the record for fastest drift [UPDATE]

A 30-degree slide at 190 mph. Oh my.

  • Image Credit: Nissan
UPDATE: Now with video of the world-record drift.

There are power slides and then there are power slides – a 190-mile-per-hour, 30-degree drift in a heavily modified Nissan GT-R Nismo qualifies as the latter. It also qualifies as the new Guinness World Record for fastest drift.

Driven by Japanese drift champion Masata Kawabata, this monstrous GT-R packs 1,380 horsepower. If that's not crazy enough, all that power goes to the rear wheels only. Yeah, this massive drift is starting to make more sense. The work was done as part of a collaboration between between Nismo and GReddy Trust, and was originally tested at Japan's Fuji Speedway before being shipped to the United Arab Emirate's Fujairah International Airport. The run was completed on the airport's 1.86-mile runway.

The most amazing thing about this feat, though, is how thoroughly it smashes the previous Guinness World Record. Kawabata had just three attempts, per Guinness rules, to best the old, 135-mph record set by Poland's Jakub Przygoński.

Check out the official video of the feat at the top of the page.

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