A television news crew in Oklahoma became part of the story they were attempting to cover this week when they rescued a road worker from the encroaching flames of a wildfire. Jason Perks, an employee with the county, was running a grader in an attempt to cut a fire line in a field when his equipment became logged in a ditch. That's when Val and Amy Castor, storm trackers working for KWTV who were out getting footage of the wildfire, spotted Perks struggling to escape the disabled grader. The team sat in their car with the camera running as they watched the drama unfold.

"He needs to get out. He can't get out. Come on guy!" Amy can be heard saying on the recording.

When Perks finally freed himself he ran to the Castor's car as the fast moving flames over took the grader. They reversed with the flames almost reaching the hood of their car.

The wildfires in Oklahoma were fed by dry grass and strong winds, but are largely contained as of Wednesday, ABC News reported. The wildfire burned over 86 square miles of northern Oklahoma. Officials told ABC that a power line knocked over by 40 mile per hour winds sparked the flames.

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