Ryobi introduces modular jack-of-all-trades garage door opener

After opening the door, it'll park your car for you.

What do you expect from a garage door opener, other than performing the one job for which it's bought? Ryobi's new modular Ultra Quiet Garage Door Opener can perform various other tasks, including snooping for carbon monoxide.

The power tool maker has used a modular design to combine a great big bunch of handy capabilities into the door opener. The Ultra Quiet Garage Door Opener is said to be 20-percent quieter than its rivals, but surprisingly enough in can be used to produce sound as the plug and play modules include a wireless speaker.

As well as warning about poisonous gases, the door opener can also be turned into a laser-guided parking assist. A LED light is embedded in the bottom, and you can add a retractable cord reel for extra handiness. In case you're away from home and you're suddenly overcome by the unsettling uncertainty of whether the door is indeed closed, that can be checked using an iOS or Android app. And as for opening and closing, the electric motor is said to be good for two horsepower's worth, and the drive belt is reinforced with steel.

The basic package costs $248, and for that price you get a wall controller, a wireless keypad and two remote controls, along with a safety sensor. The available lithium-ion backup battery means the door can be opened at least a hundred times even in the case of a blackout, and other add-on modules start from $44.

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