Distracted driver crosses center line and hits police car

Attentive driving and quick reflexes saved the life of a police officer in Hudson, WI, when an oncoming driver drifted into the officer's lane and struck his cruiser. According to KMSP, the officer was patrolling along a busy road through Hudson on March 31 when the crash occurred. Dash cam video from the patrol car which was released to local media shows the dramatic collision unfold.

As the officer came around a mild left-hand curve, a white, 90s-era Pontiac Grand Am continued straight through the curve, across the center line, and directly into the officer's path. The officer was able to avoid a head-on collision, but the Pontiac still struck the driver's side of the patrol car.

"Both the officer and the other driver are ok, however, this accident could have been much, much worse," said a Hudson Police Department official on the department's Facebook page. "So please remember to pay attention to your driving at all times when behind the wheel."

Minnesota's Department of Public Safety estimates that one in every four crashes in the State of Minnesota are caused by distracted drivers. DPS believes that the actual number may be higher, but police often have difficulty proving distracted driving as the cause of a crash.

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