GM on Tesla Model 3 madness: We don't need pre-orders

Chevy confident about the prospects for the all-electric Bolt, which is coming soon.

2017 Chevy Bolt
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If you think anyone at Chevrolet is worried about all the preorders for the Tesla Model 3, you haven't been talking to any of Chevy's PR people. Speaking at a backgrounder today on the battery pack and motor in the Chevy Bolt, GM spokesman Fred Ligouri addressed the massive amount of attention that the Tesla Model 3 has received since its announcement last week.

"We don't need [pre-orders] to begin building our products." - Fred Ligouri

Key point? The Bolt has also gotten some initial interest from potential customers, Ligouri said, but when it comes to pre-orders, "We haven't taken any. We don't need to to begin building our products. We're really excited to offer it when it goes into retail production at the end of this year to those that have expressed interest and we'll work through our great network of dealerships to get them to customers."

Ligouri would not say how many handraisers GM has heard from about the upcoming Bolt, but the first Chevy Bolts will be delivered later this year - compared to late 2017 for the first Model 3s – and Chevrolet spokesperson Kevin Kelly said that this is really a case of a rising tide lifting all boats.

"Any interest you see from people in this type of technology, it helps everybody," Kelly said. "We are very excited to see high demand for the technology in a vehicle like this and I think it will bode well for the Bolt EV."

GM and Tesla have been at increasing odds with each other as the Bolt and Model 3 head to market, including the correct role of dealerships in new-car sales. The two vehicles are similar in some regards (they will both offer over 200 miles of range for roughly $35,000) even though there are important differences in style and brand identity.

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