Perhaps one of the most surprising things about the reborn Top Gear is Matt LeBlanc. The actor and Friends veteran was plenty impressive in his two showings during the Clarkson/Hammond/May era, but the fact that the new TG added a figure with such star power – and who happens to be, of all things, American – is perhaps the biggest shock. Remember, Clarkson, Hammond, and May weren't exactly household names before their time on Top Gear.

Just because he's such a familiar face, though, doesn't mean LeBlanc doesn't have a few secrets. For example, did you know he's terrified of miniature horses? Yep, no Shetland Ponies for this actor. Also, LeBlanc apparently considers a motorcycle ride with only one crash to be "a great ride."

You can read about those confessions and a few more in Top Gear Magazine's interview with the American TV star. Check it out.

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