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While checking out all the cars and trucks during the press days of the NYIAS I noticed that the Ridgeline was MIA at the Honda truck display on the lower level. Yes, it was on display at the Honda car display up on the main level — but this is a truck, not a car.

Now critics of the Ridgeline will disagree with me here I'm sure, saying the Ridgeline was displayed exactly where it belongs: with Honda "cars." I beg to differ, obviously. There should have been several Ridgelines on display, and showing the various trim lines — and it should have been at both Honda displays. The one they did have on display was the high-zoot Black Edition, similar to the one pictured above.

I spoke with Honda reps at both their car and truck displays about this, and their response was that the vehicle is not yet on sale. Duh... The last Ridgeline suffered from abandonment from Honda's marketing department, almost from the get-go; the result being dismal sales. If this new Ridgeline is to have any chance of succeeding, it needs to be plastered EVERYWHERE — and especially everywhere at one of the biggest auto shows on the planet. Truck buyers need to see it, touch it, sit in it, in all trim levels, and experience it as much as possible. What better place to do that than at the NYIAS?

Yeah, it's not on sale yet, but it will be in a few short months. You blew it Honda. Big time. Again.

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