Custom-built Ferrari 412 is not easy on the eyes

This one-off convertible Ferrari is now for sale at a dealer in Italy.

  • Image Credit: Maranello Service Srl
The 1989 Ferrari 412 Pavesi Ventorosso is a one-off topless creation from Carrozzeria Pavesi, which isn't the most well-known Italian coachbuilder in history. Ventorosso stands for "Red Wind", which brings a tear to one's eye – much like the 'improvements' to the bodywork.

To begin with, the front end isn't all that bad. The headlights seem to have been grabbed from the then-new Citroën XM, and they are far less squinty than the lights originally complementing the 412's pop-ups. But the further toward the rear you go, the more it all falls apart, as the rear end treatment inexplicably combines round 412 taillights with a black, Testarossa-like plastic slatting above them. The complete car is somehow similar to the Michelotti-designed Reliant Scimitar SS1, which is undeniably also a product of its time.

Still, the 18,641-mile car is mentioned to be in perfect condition inside and out, and that has resulted in a nearly $137,000-price tag by the seller, Maranello Service in Calvatone, Italy. It is also noteworthy that the 5.0-liter Colombo V12 is mated to a manual gearbox, which isn't always the case with 400i/412 models. And the best thing? You cannot see the exterior when driving it.

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